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At Hestla, our aim is to connect the best professionals in the beauty industry with consumers who need various services. Ranging from private clients and corporations to luxury concierge services, our goal is to create a very wide network of beauty services.

We believe in delivering only the best quality services to all and partnering with Hestla is very easy. All you need to do is download the free app, set up a profile, and connect with clients either by going to their home or letting them visit you at a pre-designated location! Set up your profile now and you can get your first clients within minutes.


As our team is expanding, we are able to connect professional beauticians, hair stylists, nail techs, and more to customers who need a professional last-minute service right at their doorstep. Our way of functioning is unique because we offer the option of visiting your customers. Or, if they prefer, your clients could choose to meet their selected beautician at a designated location instead.

Whether you offer massage therapy, hair styling, nails, makeup, facials, waxing, or any other beauty and health services, the Hestla team can help you grow your book and meet more customers. “Be beautiful” is our motto and we want each person to feel beautiful! Be a part of our community so that we can grow together in the industry and improve our customer base.


In today's world of increased competition, it can be challenging to build your book and find clients. Joining Hestla is a terrific option whether you are just starting your business or want to grow your book quickly. Hestla provides a platform for all beauty professionals, and teaming with us can increase your client base and give your business the boost it needs.

Instead of relying on social media alone to meet more clients, you can increase your recognition through word of mouth. Customers can rate beauty professionals directly on our app, offering a platform for your biggest fans to promote your skills. Join us today by signing up through our app.

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Hestla has been a part of revolutionizing the way beauty services work. What are you waiting for? Partner with us as soon as possible and be a part of our team. We are excited to connect with you so you can begin to expand your business and reach more clients! Contact us with any questions or review our FAQs to learn more!

Referral Process For Professionals

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Refer a fellow professional and reap the benefits of our referral program. Watch the video to learn more!


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